Materials and technologies

We are aware how important is to select the highest quality materials for the Personal Protective Equipment. Over twenty years of experience in working with technical materials and PPE allows us to make the right selection which in result gives uncompromised final product. This is a key importance of the REXMED collection. 


It is a lead core material with an optimal ratio of protection to density and weight. The composite structure ensures high flexibility and resistance. The dominant element is lead.


It is a lead-free core material with a low density and grammage. Thanks to this characteristic we are able to reduce the weight of the apron to the necessary minimum. Compared to the lead materials available on the market, ALPHA reduces the weight of the product by 20%. Dominant elements: bismuth and antimony. 

Woven and non-woven fabrics 

For our collection we chose the highest quality fabrics (polyamide and polyester) with high performance parameters. The key feature is the optimal combination of mechanical strenght, chemical perfomance and practical in maintenance. 

We use non-woven fabrics from leading manufacturers in the EU. Some of them are produced according our technical specifications. 

Garment accessories 


We value the role of accessories in medical clothing. It matters if we use a velcro fastening one, five or ten thousands times. That is why in our collection we use velcro, webbing, buckles or threads from leading local and global suppliers. 

Environmental awareness 


We are concerned of the natural environment and our impact on it. We do our best to use raw materials from recycled sources and to be recyclable as much as possible.